Doing the Work…

This may be an opportunity to alleviate your life of any emotional burdens that are troubling you by applying the Byron method.

The backdrop: There are three kinds of business; my business, your business, and “God’s” business.

My business is how I treat myself and others. Period. How others treat me is their business only. My business is how I choose to engage with someone in the future.

Your business is how you treat yourself and others. Period. How others treat you is their business only. Your business is how you choose to engage with someone in the future.

“God’s” business is natural phenomena / disasters, universal mechanics, all things which humans have no control over.

Since the universe is perfect there is no imperfect body. But someone has to have the job of occupying the body you inhabit for this moment and that person has to be you. That is your job and your body is perfect as it is right now. That does not mean it cannot change in the future where it will still be perfect.

Your thoughts become your reality and do not necessarily reflect the world around you. Your thoughts about a person do not define a person nor their true intention or heart. They are movies the mind creates and replays.

Unhealthy thoughts arise out of confusion and fear and the ego will project these onto others as a defence, the first act of war. The ego will always want to justify itself. Confused thoughts prevent us from seeing the world and those within it as they are. There is always room for growth in every person and learning comes from each encounter with another person who may serve as a teacher in that moment.

To be truly present and at peace we must bring clarity and balance to the mind. This swift method employs four simple questions which really cut to the heart of the thought or dynamic that pains you. Being completely honest with yourself give this exercise a try using the One Belief At A Time and the Judge Your Neighbour worksheets to help cut through specific thoughts, feelings or situations. See the method in action here: