As a child I spent most of my time in nature, made herbal remedies and was sensitive to the spirit world. I read about various faiths but was very drawn to Pagan spirituality and specifically the path of the Witch. I worked in a garden nursery during my teens and considered Botany or Horticulture as a focus for tertiary education.

However, I went on to study the visual and applied arts at college where I recognised the transformative power of art and of the creative process as forms of magic. I later pursued the academic study of religions and was conferred with a B.A. (Hons) degree in World Religions, Theology and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin and subsequently with a Professional Diploma in Human Rights and Equality from University College Dublin.

I am a Co-Founder of Pagan Life Rites Ireland and was recognised as a Pagan priest by the State which registered me as a Legal Solemniser of Marriage. During my thirty year journey of exploration and study of esoteric traditions, I became a 3º High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca, the Minoan Brotherhood, the New York WICA Tradition and the Isian Tradition of Witchcraft. I resided in Asia for a number of years where I also explored the Eastern Mystery Tradition.





I had a strong inner leaning towards Pagan spirituality during childhood which was encouraged by my mother who had her own personal practice. I was an avid reader with a focus on mythology and folklore, having a fondness for Slavic tales of the fairy folk in particular. I very much enjoyed hiking spending as much time as I could exploring the mountains and forests.

I later studied at the ancient Charles University, Prague, and the University of Prešov, where I was conferred with B.A. (Hons) degree and Master’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy. I was subsequently conferred with a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Trnava. My tertiary studies lead me to explore the works of Carl Jung, psychoanalysis, surrealism and work in the dreamscape.

Having set foot upon this ancient island, I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening and felt a desire to explore pre-Abrahamic and indigenous traditions more deeply. I spent quite a number of years researching Shamanism and various Witchcraft paths prior to becoming a Craft Initiate. I have a keen interest in other practices such as yoga and plant medicine. I spent a number of years residing in Asia where I explored ancient temple complexes, diverse cultures and developed a particular interest in Daoism and Feng Shui.


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