Temenos ta Carmán


The gifts Eddie Buczynski gave to the Craft are the four traditions he founded which live on today and flourish across continents. The Minoan Brotherhood was first seeded in the Asia-Pacific region by our Minoan Grove, Temenos ta Carmán. We refer to our covens as groves and these are created and led by a Minos, a 3° High Priest, which is the only role enabling a Brother to teach and initiate suitable Seekers into the Minoan Brotherhood. Not to be confused with Wicca, this is a distinct initiatory, lineaged, oathbound tradition of Witchcraft which explores the Male Mysteries and places an emphasis on resonance rather than polarity. The core beliefs of the Minoan Brotherhood centre on the worship of the ancient Cretan Snake Goddess, the Great Mother of the Aegean civilisations, and Her Divine Son, the Starry One, or Bull of Heaven.

Eddie Buczynski, New York, 1978.

Some Witchcraft paths, which are polarity-defined or hetero-centric in praxis, can leave LGBT people feeling like their nature is on the periphery to what is centrally upheld as an ideal, thus meaning that the mundane experience of being the “outsider / other / stranger” is underlined within ritual space. The Minoan Brotherhood provides a safe and sacred space for Men Loving Men to nourish their spiritual wellbeing where their nature is centrally placed and celebrated as equally divine. The Minoan Brotherhood is the only initiatory Witchcraft tradition in the Asia-Pacific region solely dedicated to Queer spirituality.

Our Grove reflects a healthy balance between received wisdom and the guidance of our Gods to maintain a living experience of this spiritual and magickal tradition. This is symbolised by the Matron deity of our coven, Carmán, an Athenian Goddess figure of liminality who was Herself “othered” as an outsider.

Temenos ta Carmán facilitates the celebration of our Full Moon Esbats and Eight Sabbats for Initiates whilst also providing Outer Court training for suitable Seekers accepted as Neophytes. Training only comes in the form of regular participation in person. There are currently no Minoan Groves in neighbouring countries, however, there is nothing preventing committed Seekers from travelling regularly. Seekers living even further afield must equally be in a position to commit to regular travel or consider relocation.


For suitable Seekers who have a sincere interest in Witchcraft, Magick and the Minoan traditions, Temenos ta Carmán offers a path of learning that is healing, affirming and transformative. A Seeker can expect a lengthy meet and greet process prior to a decision on acceptance for training. During this period a Seeker should be able to convey a good knowledge of contemporary Paganism and Witchcraft. For a suggested reading list please click here. A candidate will be of adult age and able to demonstrate self-care, personal integrity and commitment. A candidate can expect to spend around five years completing training. Seekers may submit a considered expression of interest here.

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