tarotTarot reading is often mistakenly understood as fortune telling, a way to spell out what the future is supposed to have in store for a client. However, Tarot consultation is less a means of prediction and more a method of divination which offers a client the opportunity to gain additional insight about themselves or a situation in their life. A Tarot spread can be seen as a map of the mind, body and spirit which offers the reader a bird’s eye view of a client’s situation or life path. Most often clients come with questions relating to concerns of the mundane world such as love, health and prosperity, however, readings can provide information that may aid a client in moving forward on their spiritual journey.

Every Tarot card is a world in itself with each serving as a piece in the story-board of a reading. The meaning of each card is influenced by its sequence and placement in relation to neighbouring cards which collectively opens up a window into the life of the recipient. The cards serve to tell the story in much the same way a brush serves to bring forth into this world the insights of the artist from the inner worlds. The occult symbolism of the cards is a language that is interpreted by a skilled reader to answer a client’s questions.

A reading is subject to what a client is inquiring about and may verify past events up to that point. A reading may shed light on potential future events based on the current trajectory of the situation and energetic influences. However, what transpires in the future may depend upon how a client chooses to respond to their situation following a reading. That choice may be informed by the additional insight offered up by a reading.

For my Tarot readings I may use the beautiful Wildwood deck, a collaborative work by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington, or the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck created by Arthur Edward Waite, Rider & Son publishers and Pamela Colman Smith. I use a variety of spreads for different types of readings and will choose one which I feel best fits the nature of the client’s query.

I do not visit the homes of clients to provide readings. These are offered either at my home or a mutually agreeable venue conducive to readings.

I do not provide readings through the internet or by telephone. Readings are offered in person and one-to-one only. I do not offer readings to groups, companies or any individual seeking entertainment. I do not accept requests for general readings; clients must have a specific question or situation in mind for a reading.

A maximum of two readings per year will be available for each client with the second reading being provided at least three months after the initial reading. This is to allow enough time to pass between readings and dissuade some people from depending on Tarot to navigate their lives.

The fee is paid on arrival and the reading will last approximately one hour. The fee is €60 and is payment for the time and skill provided. If you would like to book a reading please e-mail your request to temenostacarman@gmail.com.